The Benefits of Dental Implants

h-perfectSmile5One of the primary benefits of dental implants is simply that a missing tooth is replaced. Missing teeth can make us appear older, be cosmetically unappealing as well as detrimental and damaging to overall dental health. A missing tooth exposes gums increasing the possibility of infection and abscess in the gums. Additionally, the longer a tooth is missing, the more likelihood that the bone of the jaw will be damaged. Once a tooth is removed, regardless of the cause, the bone where that tooth was located begins to dissolve and soften. This is a natural occurrence, but it also affects the surrounding teeth, which may begin to tilt or shift as the surrounding bone changes, potentially leading to further tooth loss. Another benefit of dental implants is improved diet. Approximately 30% of people with dentures eat primarily soft foods and almost half of denture wearers avoid specific foods that are challenging to chew or bite into. Dental implants, because they are permanently attached to the jaw, alleviate these problems, allowing users to eat healthier diets with a wide variety of food choices.